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What is idtalent?

We move to support Talents to reach their Career and Professional path. Business Growth will much depend on the People in the Organization , aside Financial and Technology. So focus on People will be a PILLAR for Business. IDTALENT aims to connect the Millenials to the Industries rightly and rigorously. The Talent Management approach will expand the platform, none can stop their development for the Career and Goal of life.

For Corporate Clients, we offer you very simple Talent Acquisition, we know how busy and hustle of regular Job Hiring process, we make it simple and easy for You, so you can do rest focus on your Core Business.

For Talent Applicant, we offer a real career development platform, from your career beginner to advanced, None never stop to find the Right Career. We provide you with structured and comprehensive toolshed

For Recruiters - You are in need to help support the Corporate to connect the Right People

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